VMware vRealize Automation 8.1 – Patch 2 Released

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On July 24, 2020, VMware released the second patch for vRealize Automation 8.1. Patch 2 including forty-eight fixes for Provisioning, the Service Broker, vRealize CodeStream, Identity, vRealize Orchestrator, and virtual appliance/clustering.

The hotfix can be installed using vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.1. It is recommended to install vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.1 Patch 1 before installing vRealize Automation 8.1 Patch 2 ( For complete details on the items that have been resolved with this hotfix, review the VMware KB article Cumulative Update for vRealize Automation 8.1 (79170). To download the patch for import into environments not connected to the internet (made available on July 28, 2020), visit the VMware Product Patches page, and select vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager for the Product and vRA-8.1.0 for the Version.

Items fixed or enhanced in this release include:

  • Provisioning
    • Unable to use “Add Disk” OOTB day 2 action
    • Add Disk operation fails after datastore or storage cluster records were deleted
    • Duplicate compute resources being listed in cloud zones in specific scenarios
    • Cloud-init script customization is not applied when the Deployment VM is created from the Content Library
    • When a portgroup/dvSwitch is migrated in vCenter, VMs on these migrated dvSwitch are not data-collected by vRA
    • Running “update” action on timed out deployment fails with error ‘Subnet’ is required"
    • VMC networks are not data collected if the network segments do not have subnets
    • vSphere agent becomes unresponsive if errors encountered in Day-2 tagging service
    • When all of the snapshots of a VM are deleted directly in vCenter, these snapshots still show up in vRA
    • Cannot query the projects vRA API with read-only. i.e. use the project TF data-source.
    • Changing the username on an existing VMC cloud account resulted in failure during Validation
    • IP Range required when deploying with a static IP using extensibility IPAM event
    • Various scalability and performance improvements
  • Service Broker
    • Resource Type icon is missing in Deployment Topology
    • Resource ID’s of cluster machines might change when the cluster is resized, causing confusion for API users trying to track resource addition/removal from clusters.
  • vRealize CodeStream
    • vRA request with Ansible fails in CodeStream
    • Custom Integration fails with ’no YAML definition found’ if the input is a secret variable with a Private Key
    • Pipelines might hang in ’not_started’ state
    • Git webhooks are dropping the first portion of branch names if slashes are used
    • The pipeline is reporting a failure, but tasks were successful
    • Endpoint Email Encryption method none not working
    • SSH Task fails when Secret variable is used
    • User op not getting expired when send email is enabled
    • When using a variable in child pipeline, the output properties do not get resolved in the parent
    • Error adding bitbucket to codestream endpoint
  • Identity
    • Fixes in configuration and re-configuration of secondary tenants
  • vRealize Orchestrator
    • Multiple fixes with the GIT integration
    • “SRMPluginConfig” is not defined" error when using config local sites workflow in vRO with SRM plugin
  • Virtual Appliance and Clustering
    • Anonymize presence of internal proxy’s client IP addresses - issue when stricter network policies are in place
    • vRA may not install/operate properly when customer’s DNS is slow due to leaking DNS requests which should be routed inside the VA
    • Unable to replace the vIDM certificate configured in vRA
    • minor fixes in ‘vracli’ tool
    • Improved services deployment & startup process to prevent intermittent failures
  • Other
    • The endpoint properties of the IPAM endpoint are now generated from the custom form
    • UseSudo in Ansible integration account was always enabled

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