vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 2.1 Patch 1 Installation

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In this short post, we will quickly review the process for installing Patch 1 to your existing vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager (vRSLCM) 2.1 deployment. The release notes for the patch are available in VMware KB 68067.

How to Obtain the Patch

You can directly download the patch within the vRSLCM interface or if your vRSLCM deployment does not have Internet access, you can download it from the VMware Patch Download Center.

Installing the Patch

Before you begin the process, create a VM snapshot of your vRSLCM appliance in case you encounter any issues during the installation process.

Log into vRSLCM using an account with the LCM Admin user permission. You can use the built-in admin@localhost account or a VMware Identity Manager account.

vRSLCM Login Screen

From the left side menu, select Settings, then select System Administration.

vRSLCM System Administration Page

Select the Update tab from the top of the page to view your options for updating vRSLCM.

vRSLCM Update Page

Click on the Install Patch button to bring up the Install Patch wizard.

vRSLCM Install Patch Wizard

Select either Check Patches Online if your vRSLCM appliance will be downloading the patch directly or select Upload if you downloaded the patch from VMware’s website. For this example, we have the vRSLCM appliance download the patch directly from the Internet by clicking the Check Patches Online button. The available patch list will update to include Patch 1. Click on the download button to the right side of the patch to begin the download process.

vRSLCM Install Patch Wizard Patch List

You will see a green checkmark icon as well as a trashcan icon beside the patch when the download has completed and it is ready to install.

vRSLCM Patch Wizard Download Completed

Select the patch from the list and click the Next button. Review the details for the patch on the resulting Review and Install screen of the wizard.

vRSLCM Install Patch Wizard Review and Install screen

Click on the Install button to begin the installation process. You will then see a screen stating that the wizard is submitting the patch installation request followed by a request submitted confirmation.

vRSLCM Install Patch Wizard Submitting Patch Install Request
vRSLCM Install Patch Wizard Patch Install Request Submitted Confirmation

Clicking the Done button will redirect you to a system maintenance screen during the patch installation process.

vRSLCM Patching In Progress Page

Click the Back Home button to return to the vRSLCM Home page after the patch installation has completed.

Verify the Successful Installation of the Patch

Verify that the patch has installed successfully by selecting Settings from the left menu, and then select System Administration. From the resulting screen, select the Update tab from the top of the page and verify that it now lists the Appliance Version as 2.1.0 Patch 1 (Build 132773278).

Congratulations, you have successfully patched your vRSLCM 2.1 deployment to Patch 1!

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