VMware vRealize Operations 8.6.3 is Now Available

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vRealize Operations has received its latest update on April 25, 2022. vRealize Operations 8.6.3 is a maintenance release which resolves several important security, performance, stability, and functionality issues identified in the product.

Issues Resolved

The following issues have been resolved as of vRealize Operations 8.6.3:

  • Improve upgrade pack download resiliency for Cloud Proxy in case of network issues.
  • Improve Cloud Proxy stability.
  • Incorrect message in the Super Metric deletion confirmation window.
  • What If Analysis “Workload Planning: Hyperconverged” gives Internal Server Error.
  • Service Configuration page is intermittently blank after upgrade to 8.6.2.
  • Cloud Proxy connection to the cluster should not be permanent and it should be on a time-based interval.
  • Newly added nodes don’t get the watermark set on cluster.
  • NSX-T requires advanced license, and it does not recognize chargeback license.
  • Management Pack uninstall must remove all related credentials. Data Center Cost Calculation failed.
  • Telegraf agent using sudo command has possible security loophole.
  • All fixes from vRealize Operations 8.6 Hot Fix 1 and vRealize Operations 8.6 Hot Fix 2 are also included in this release.

Third Party Vulnerabilities Resolved

vRealize Operations 8.6.3 addresses a total 154 CVEs. While I would normally list the CVEs and provide additional information on them, this post would become far too long if I provided details on all 154 CVEs. I would suggest that you review VMware KB 88081 to determine which CVEs are address and if you require additional information, review the CVE’s information within the NIST National Vulnerability Database.

Additional Information

Additional information regarding this release of vRealize Operations can be found at the following links:

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